How To Make Jello Shots

How To Make Jello ShotsJello shot is a creative way to serve alcohol at parties with colorful and fruity touch. It is a modified version of Sans Dixie cup but you can make it more colorful and interesting through different ways. It is really easy to make jello shots and you can make them more colorful with your creativity. Jello shots are closely associated with college parties to have more fun in parties. You can memorize old days with your friends and special guests through jello shots. If you want to learn how to make jello shots then do not worry as it is really easy and we will help you. Although it is really easy to make jello shots but you have to be careful about right proportion of water and alcohol otherwise it will not taste good. Following steps will help you to understand how to make jello shots?


Before learning how to make jello shots it is important to collect all important ingredients required to prepare jello shots:

  • 3 oz Jell-O or Gelatin of different flavor
  • 1 Cup boiling water
  • ½ Cup Vodka
  • ½ Cup Cold Water

Preparation Time: 2 Hours, 20 Minutes

How To Make Jello Shots?

Following simple and easy steps will help you to learn How to Make Jello Shots:

  • Chill liquor and cold water is required so keep both of them in the refrigerator to get consistent temperature for both ingredients.
  • Take a bowl and add gelatin into the bowl to completely dissolve it in boiling water. Stir gelatin and boiling water to get even mixture.
  • Mix chilled liquor and water and if you want colorful mixture then it will be good to add food color.
  • Shot glasses, molds or baking pans will look good to serve jello shots. You can use small plastic cups because these looks perfect for this option.
  • Put jello shots in refrigerator to let the liquid set properly. It will take almost two hours but you are recommended to put them in refrigerator for the whole night to serve cold.

After learning simple steps for How to Make Jello Shots, you can easily convert any cocktail into jelly shots to entertain your guests and to increase the joy of your party. Be careful about proportion because any mistake can ruin the taste of your jelly shots. Measure everything carefully and add different fruits to increase the charm of your jello shots.